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Making Customers Feel Better Emotionally is the main reason for redefined
business growth.

Until recently, consumers were often driven by benefits like making it easier, better quality and saving money. Today, there’s a more emotional benefit that is taking hold–making consumers feel better emotionally. And, it’s what is growing businesses. The emergence of this benefit as a predominant player has been observed in several different ways.

    • Trends became a reality. In the 1990's. NPI worked with Alvin Toffler to identify the 15 major trends in customer behavior. Twenty years later, the trends that were linked to an emotional benefit were the ones that went from trend to reality. (Roles Revolution, Personal Uncertainty and Growth of Affluence, Need for Home Power)

    • Who’s been successful recently? Looking at successful new category starting brands like Starbucks, Facebook and Lululemon, they all express their business point of difference through a positioning with foundations in MFB. Positionings like enhancing relationships, offering advice, having fun while performing tasks, etc.

    • Our Client’s Discovery Process. During the course of our projects, clients have found that in their cluttered and undifferentiated categories, the makes me feel better benefit and positionings opened new doors for breakthrough strategies.

NPI’s 40 year history has led us to believe that owning the MFB Benefit Category will represent major innovation in marketing for the near future.





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