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Consumer Cases:

Household Freshener Category:  Stagnant sales. Helped market leader redefine the category from the odor masking (negative) cones and cans to “aroma décor” (positive) with home enhancing scented candles, jars and electrics. Client was first to establish what is now $3.3B+ category, and sales have continued to grow as customers now “decorate” their home with scent.

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National Bank:  Helped client whose vision was "we want to satisfy all our customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially," by redefining 13 of their divisions to help establish 5.9 products per customer households and achieve a penetration of 1 of 3 households.

Refrigerated Baked Goods:  One of largest 100 consumer brands, Client originally intended to “harvest” their line of refrigerated dough products. The business was instead re-defined as broader category of “baked goods”, with differentiating benefit of “Hot and Fresh in Minutes”,  re-framing the competition away from narrow category of biscuits into five RTE baked goods categories — cookies, breads, pie crusts and sweet rolls, and biscuits. Resulted in $7.5MM additional profits in four years and ultimate sale of business above industry average PE ratio.

B2B Cases:

Healthcare Financial Services: For client with over $16 billion of capital committed to the healthcare industry,NPI developed strategy for migration of orientation away from  single financing transactions to a project lifecycle and client relationship-driven approach, with more active leverage of client’s parent company’s established reputation in overall financial leadership to enhance credibility.

Commercial Real Estate:  Delivered new strategy for this industry leader in property and corporate facility management services, with a portfolio of over 1.0 billion square feet worldwide.   Transformed back office asset into a competitively differentiated platform for strategic real estate investment through PodCasts and other innovative technology tools.

Industrial Chemicals:   A global leader in industrial chemicals with sales of $5 billion, 6 divisions ranging from pest control to equipment repair, and 13,000 sales persons across 6 separate salesforces selling to the same customer.  Helped develop Strategic Commonalities across the disparate services to redefine the category with a value-added proposition that could be sold via single sales force to better serve customer base and increase profitability.

Private Corrections:  Helped this client re-brand the juvenile corrections division to eliminate confusion with the more severe correctional services of the Parent brand.  Redefined the category to focus on getting youth back on track via more efficient services and processes, which held appeal to the primary target of Judges and Parole Officers vs. Juvenile Clients.

Apparel Printing:   Historically, apparel printers purchased shirt stock from local retailers. Helped client develop a “B2B printables” category of heavier thread count t-shirts more conducive for screen-printing and sold directly to print shops.  Resulted in $1B sales in 7 years.
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